A Compact Trash Chute for Removal of Roofing Debris

by Linda Schmid

A Compact Trash Chute for Cleaner Tear-Offs

The TR-3000 by Rocket Equipment is a compact residential trash chute designed to expedite the removal of roofing debris and materials. The flexibility to extend to different areas of a residential roof helps minimize the labor traditionally required during the tear-off process.

• Fits in most residential driveways

• 10-15 minutes to set up or take down, with only one person required

• Can be positioned up to 20′ away or reach heights up to 30′

• Prevents damage to homeowner’s property

• Eliminates job site debris cleanup

• Ideal for removal of concrete tile, slate, shingles, shake, and more

Whether you need to reach over landscaping or canopies, extend to hard-to-reach areas, or simply want to eliminate debris from being tossed off the roof and into your customer’s lawn, the hydraulic-operated, battery-powered unit is here to save you time, money, and labor.


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