Triangle Fastener Corporation [] has announced the availability of the ZAC® Zinc Alloy Cast Head on its patented Panel-Tite® Burr Buster® Metal-to-Wood screw. 

The ZAC® zinc alloy cast head is the most recognized long-life head available in the industry and provides superior corrosion protection in the harshest environments.  

These screws are compatible with Aluminum/Zinc coated steel like Galvalume® and Zincalume® and can also be used with aluminum panels and trim. The ZAC head will never red rust!

Coupled with the high-performance Panel-Tite Burr Buster, this screw is the most advanced fastener in the industry

The ZAC head eliminates galvanic corrosion between the head of the screw and the panel. The screw provides fast penetration, minimizes burrs, and increases resistance to screw back-out.

The shank is protected with Tri-Seal® 1,000 hrs. salt spray coating that provides over 13-times more corrosion protection than ordinary metal-to-wood screws.