Regardless of the injury, big or small, it is vital to have first-aid supplies accessible on demand. OSHA requires all businesses to have medical equipment on-site to operate. Major injuries can turn into a tragedy quickly without the proper medical supplies nearby. When not treated promptly, even minor injuries can cause infection, and irreversible long-term damage. Regrettably, not everyone prepares for unexpected accidents until it’s too late, either due to lack of knowledge, to save money, or more often forgetting to have the proper first-aid equipment available. Portable sanitation company Callahead Corporation has designed the first ever Callahead’s First Aid Station: a portable, private heated room filled with emergency medical supplies for the injured and caregivers to ensure injuries can be attended to anywhere safely, and instantly.

The First Aid Station is designed by company President and CEO Charles W. Howard. It was created to deliver quick and easy access to first-aid and trauma supplies within a private, comfortable room to any location when accidents occur. It’s a perfect rental for construction job sites and businesses to help treat injuries before emergency medical treatment arrives. Mr. Howard designed the First Aid Station to ensure everyone is properly prepared for accidents with access to medical supplies within a safe enclosed setting, even in remote locations.

The First Aid Station is an eye-catching red, so it stands out. Its first-aid signage was designed to ensure no doubt where to attend to injuries in an emergency. Constructed of durable, high-density polyethylene to handle any construction site or high traffic location, the interior has two wall-mounted cabinets filled with first aid and trauma kit supplies. In addition, bench seating, shelving, LED lighting, thermostat heat, and wall-mounted mirrors provide a comfortable and convenient area to attend to the injured until professional medical care can be attained.