Premium HT Wind & Water Seal™ is a self-adhering, steep-slope roofing underlayment composed of a high-grade, reinforced polyester fabric laminated to a high temperature rubberized asphalt adhesive. The membrane also features a fiberglass-reinforced core for maximum durability on the jobsite. It is rated to 250°F and is engineered for whole roof coverage under tile and metal roofing systems where extreme heat is generated. 

Premium HT provides waterproofing protection before, during and after installation of the final roofing system. Product features a 3” selvedge edge to ensure a secure, monolithic seal between courses. The membrane is self-sealing around fasteners and has a slip-resistant surface. The 60-mil underlayment comes in a 36” x 67’ roll size, has 180-day UV exposure rating and a 30-year warranty. Premium HT Tile & Metal meets the requirements of ASTM D 1970, TAS 103-95, Florida Building Code 11842 and is Miami-Dade County approved. For more information or to request a FREE sample, call 800-882-7663 or visit