Nowadays, many contractors are having a difficult time finding qualified help. When staffing is an issue, and you’re looking to reduce labor costs on a job, you can rely on AceClamp®. Our Solar Snap™ pre-assembled components and snap-fit design not only saves on labor costs but gets you on and off the roof faster, making it potentially a best-in-class product for the industry.

AceClamp® manufactures precision-engineered snow retention and solar mounting systems, like our fast-installing rackless Solar Mounting Kits. If you live in an area of the country with unpredictable weather such as high winds or hurricanes, you can count on Solar Snap™ to secure your solar array to the rooftop. Solar Snap is a robust high-wind racking system built to meet the rigors of Hurricane winds up to category 5.

Designed to work with any of AceClamp’s base mounts, it’s an ideal solution for SSMR, Island-Style cement board roofs, asphalt shingles, and most single-ply membranes. Pre-assembled components that “Snap-in Place” makes for an easy-to-use and fast-installing product. The unique cross-platform design adapts to all roof types – meaning you’ll have less inventory to maintain. For the racking system that outperforms during the windiest of storms, rely on Solar Snap.