Garland’s metal solutions combine watertight integrity, aesthetic versatility, and intelligent sustainability to meet the widest possible range of functional and aesthetic requirements. Our flagship structural standing seam metal roofing system delivers the industry’s highest performance in windstorm and water penetration. 

The R-Mer Shield standing seam roof system is designed to redefine performance expectations in the roofing industry. This innovative, high-performance structural metal roof system can withstand wind speeds over 200 mph, offering unrivaled strength, durability and waterproofing protection for 30 years or more. In addition to its sheer strength, R-Mer Shield’s patented design provides unlimited thermal movement, eliminating concerns of buckling or separation due to temperature extremes. R-Mer Shield is available in steel, aluminum, zinc, copper and stainless steel.

The R-Mer Force flashless metal edge system is engineered to save both time and material without sacrificing strength by completely eliminating the need for flashing plies that would ordinarily be installed at the roof’s edge. Instead, this patented metal edge system is anchored to exterior walls, which means there are no penetrations on the roof surface. Fascia cover pieces easily snap onto installed anchors, completing the installation and blocking out the elements to protect your building.

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