Pro-Grade Driver Bits

Building on its expertise in drilling, boring and cutting tools, Spyder® has unveiled its latest product: impact-rated driver bits featuring Mach-Blue™ Tough Tip™ technology. 

Mach-Blue driver bits are designed to last significantly longer and resist breakage better than typical impact-rated driver bits. The new bits have been third-party tested to American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards and shown to last up to 70 times longer than standard impact-rated driver bits.

They also feature 33% stronger tip profiles compared to standard bits driven by the company’s proprietary Tough Tip technology. This technology incorporates the company’s Mach-Blue plating, which strengthens the drive surface, provides extreme corrosion protection, and gives the tools an eye-catching, iridescent blue finish. 

Its proprietary IMPACTive™ alloy tool steel and optimized torsion zones actively flex to dissipate peak impact forces. Each drive tip is precision machined for superior strength and fit, resisting cam-out, twisting and breakage.

The bits’ impact-rated, 1/4” speed hex allows them to be used in high-torque impacting drivers and conventional rotary drills with three-jaw chucks.