Ladders are often an indispensable part of construction, but they can also be a danger. 43% of fatal falls in construction involve ladders while approximately 81% of construction falls treated in U.S. emergency rooms involve a ladder. 

One problem with ladders is that when the ladder is extended, a gap is left between the ladder sections and your foot can easily miss a step because it doesn’t line up with the other steps. 

Sten Step is a collective solution (helpful to all and not requiring any thought on the part of the individual user) that can resolve that problem. 

The Sten Step is a heavy-duty aluminum gadget that easily attaches to your extension ladder. It’s easy to use; you simply extend the ladder, begin ascending and 4 steps below the extension, hook it onto the ladder. It locks in place and basically works as an extension to the rungs so there is no gap to remember. 

“A person could go up and down the ladder blindfolded without noticing any difference in the rungs,” according to Paul Stentiford.

This remarkable safety tool was developed and twice patented by Paul Stentiford based on his father’s idea occasioned by a near fall. Robert Stentiford Sr. missed his footing and nearly fell off his extension ladder. This safety device is the result. 

Stentiford heard from a contractor that the device helpful when workers are running up and down ladders all day; it is easy fall prevention.

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