DECKED reveals CargoGlide, a heavy-duty sliding bed platform that makes loading, unloading, organizing, and accessing gear more efficient. Available for most full-size and mid-size trucks and cargo vans, the sliding platform allows workers to store and easily retrieve heavy and bulky items without crawling into the back of the truck. 

With the pull of a lever, the platform rolls forward out of the truck bed from its locked position. Extending past the end of the bed by as much as 100%, it puts gear that would be otherwise out of reach at chest level.

More than a standalone storage solution, the sliding tray is designed to complement the DECKED Drawer System. Installing CargoGlide, which comes pre-assembled, atop the DECKED Drawer System optimizes truck-bed utility. Owners can store heavy equipment on the platform. Beneath it, they can secure tools and smaller gear inside the drawer system. 

It’s compatible with trucks that have a cap installed over the truck bed; it allows users access to every inch of the bed with the accessible sliding tray — eliminating the need to climb into, and around, a height-restricted bed to find the right tool.

It comes in 1,000-, 1,500-, and 2,200-pound payload options, with either 75% or 100% extension of the tray available. 

The 1,000-lb, 75% extension option is compatible with the manufacturer’s drawer system.