RugGear, a developer and manufacturer of rugged mobile devices for professional use, is expanding its product portfolio with a 5G smartphone: equipped with the powerful 8-core Qualcomm® QCM6490 processor from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., the Android 12 device offers users the ideal basis for smooth mission-critical push-to-talk and -video communication. A clear 6” FHD display, 48 MP main camera, 103 dB amplified speaker, 4400 mAh removable battery, WIFI 6, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC and 16-pin interface for secure peripheral connection complete the feature set. The RG540 supports the new CBRS frequency spectrum for private LTE networks. Especially in the field of public safety and crisis management, process/manufacturing industry and in the logistics sector, the smartphone with 5G technology enables the highest transmission speeds for the most demanding applications.

RugGear’s German R&D team designed the RG540 with the most important components for the target customer group in mind: Usability, security, compatibility, and extreme performance. A rugged and modern mobile device, the RG540 is designed to meet the most demanding requirements in the rescue, fire, police and military, public safety, industrial, maintenance and transport sectors. The RG540 complies with the 5G standard, which supports high-speed (near real-time) data transmission for networking and communication in industrial environments such as M2M, M2P and P2P, maintenance, remote monitoring and process optimization. The 5G smartphone can also be used in company-internal campus networks (stand-alone networks) and constitutes the basis for highly digitalized applications in automation such as remote maintenance, IIOT and augmented reality, i.e., everywhere where voice or video communication and data exchange with minimal latency is required.