Geocel’s 4350 Metal Roof & Siding Construction Sealant is a high-performance, chemically curing (reacts to moisture in the atmosphere to cure) hybrid sealant that provides a strong, long-lasting bond to a wide variety of roofing and building material substrates. These include PVDF, SMP, and polyester-coated steel, bare galvanized, Galvalume® metal panels, aluminum, copper, skylights, glass, brick, block, wood, and vinyl siding. Geocel 4350 is permanently flexible to move with the substrates through challenging weather conditions, passing ASTM C-920 Class 50 (expands and compresses 50%). Geocel 4350 can be applied in extreme wet conditions, even down to 0°F. 

Geocel 4350 is available in 23 colors to span the wide variety of colors available in today’s metal roofing market. If needed, 4350 is paintable with high quality acrylic or latex paints.

In addition to metal roof joints and lap seams, 4350 is an outstanding choice for sealing through-roof penetrations, flashings, gutters, solar panel installations, underdecking installation, windows, and doors, and as a trim sealant for metal components.

For over 40 years, the Geocel brand of caulks and sealants has given professional contractors an advantage with every job they finish. They know the performance they expect will be there every time, and every product will deliver solid results that support their goals of saving time, lowering costs, and, most importantly, no callbacks. Enjoy peace of mind and pride in realizing the workmanship of a job well done. Whether it’s for tough construction or repair applications, Geocel products perform as promised and as expected. We work side by side with professional contractors to develop products they enjoy working with and ensure that each product has the performance characteristics they need and want. 

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