Metal Plus, LLC continues to create and develop metal roofing tools in order to create a safer and better workplace for our industry. We now offer three brackets which are second to none: The Ultimate Bracket, The Big Boys and The Roofer’s Helper. Installation of Standing Seam Metal Roofing has never been so fast, efficient and comfortable. We’ve also revolutionized the industry of anchor points with our newest product the Universal Safety Anchor (USA)! 

The 2021 Dynamic Fastener Tool and Fastener Hand Guide is a free, 140-page Guide that provides concise answers to questions pertaining to fastener applications; engineering data; and availability of types, size ranges, and fastener materials specific to the metal building industry. In addition to discussing screws and anchors, the Guide provides prices and other useful information relating to flashings, sealants, insulation tapes, safety equipment, hand tools, power tools, and more. 

Since 1978, Roll Former seamers have a history of quality and durability. Our seamers produce perfect seams on all materials from 12 oz copper to 24-gauge Kynar-finished Galvanize/Galvalume at 30 fpm without damage to the material. They can seam NTM, Knudson, and ESE profiles! The Model SSX will form a complete double-lock standing seam with a single pass. Our exclusive nose switch cuts the unit off if it comes to the edge of the roof, eliminating expensive and time-consuming accidents