Contractor-friendly Roloshield™ is lightweight and stronger than felt, and faster to install. This 100% synthetic line of underlayment far outperforms conventional 15# and 30# felt. Use less rolls to cover more roof and lower your installed cost by using this 100% polypropylene synthetic roofing underlayment.

Roloshield™ lays flat and is water-resistant with superior drapability in valleys and on ridges and hips. Speedy installation is achieved by using Roloshield pre-printed nailing pattern. Extended UV resistance provides a cooler working surface. Roloshield™ is Class A fire-rated and code-approved.

The new-and-improved Roloshield lineup has an added slip-resistant layer for every product level. With all four products having ICC and Miami-Dade approvals, the new Roloshield lineup offers a range of economical to high-end options with code-compliant quality for every product, from Plus to Extreme.