This Northern Minnesota project entails the installation of a stunning Burgundy standing seam roof on a charming home nestled in Lake Vermillion, Minnesota. The home’s aesthetic is enhanced by the incorporation of natural building materials that provide a rustic appeal that blends with the picturesque surroundings. The focal point of this project is the Burgundy standing seam roof that adds a touch of elegance and warmth to the home’s overall design. The standing seam profile not only ensures durability and weather resistance but also contributes to the contemporary aesthetic. Complementing this, exposed timber frames are strategically integrated, creating a harmonious fusion of modern and traditional architectural elements, making this home a unique and visually captivating retreat.

This roofing project not only serves the functional purpose of protecting the home from the elements but also elevates its visual appeal. The combination of Burgundy metal panels and exposed timber frames creates a cohesive design that celebrates the natural beauty of Lake Vermillion, while providing a durable and stylish roofing solution.

The standing seam metal roof was expertly installed by Arrowhead Roofing. Wayne, the owner of Arrowhead Roofing, is a multi-generational sheet metal worker. This passed-down experience is quite evident in this beautiful home. In Wayne’s words, many contractors stepped away from the project. With the cut-up nature of this roof, most contractors thought it would be too complex for standing seam, and didn’t want to attempt such a complicated home. Being a leading expert, Wayne was up to the challenge and did a wonderful job.


Arrowhead Roofing
& Sheet Metal


Arrowhead Roofing
& Sheet Metal

Roofing System Manufacturer:

Arrowhead Roofing & Sheet Metal manufactured on-site using New Tech Machinery
portable roll former

Roof Panels:

New Tech 1” Snap Lock, 24 ga., 16” Panel Width


CMG Burgundy PVDF


SIP Panels, Timber Frame Home