The biggest challenge with this job: We had to install all the flashing details around the porches and any place were there was sidewall / endwall so the stone mason could do his work first so that he would have worry about damaging the metal roof. Then we would come along after him and install the panels.

We started the project the first week in April 2023 and finished the last of July, only working on it two to three days a week because we had to follow after the mason. Given the pitch of the roof, we had to use lifts and/or scaffolding almost everywhere.

The customer wanted us to keep moving to not hold up his insulation and drywall crews.


Wayne H. Miller & Sons Roofing


Wayne H. Miller & Sons Roofing

roof size:

170 sq., most 16/12

Roofing System Manufacturer: ProVia

Roof Panels:

ProVia steel slate, Baystone

Coating: PVDF


ProVia #10 x 1” Hex Head screws


Certainteed Diamond Deck Synthetic Underlayment 

Insulation: Spray foam

Snow Guards:

Progrip Snow Diverters,
color-matched from ProVia