Our Lady of Assumption Church was built in 1845. It is the oldest operating church west of Montreal in Canada. Visible when driving over the Ambassador Bridge from Windsor, Ontario, Canada to Detroit, Michigan, USA. The parish wanted to replace their current roof with a product that would last 100 years. After careful consideration, the parish decided to move forward with Wakefield Bridge 4-way interlocking shingles in 16 oz. Copper. Wakefield Bridge is stamped in Brampton, Ontario. A product that was launched back in 2007 by Ideal Roofing, Wakefield Bridge is wind rated to 241KMH, which is helpful as this area can experience high winds off the river. Many members of the parish and community donated money to the restoration and had their names scribed on the back of the Wakefield Bridge shingles. 



Allan Avis Architects, Inc.


Double AA Metal Roofing

Roof Panels:

Ideal Roofing, Wakefield Bridge 16 oz. Copper


Grace Ice & Water Shield HT