For Bangor, Maine Housing Authority’s Elsie C. Coffey Childcare Development Center, a secure roof means safety from the wear, tear, and moisture of a New England winter and protection for children both in the building and out on the adjacent playground. The existing asphalt shingles were deteriorating and causing leaks, and the hips and valleys of the roof design required creative solutions for installation. 

To combat the leaking, shingle deterioration, and unique roof design, metal panels were chosen. The panels were retrofitted over the existing shingles to reduce waste and prevent any debris from falling onto the playground. The unique hips and valleys of the roof design required two cuts for most of the panels and thorough attention to detail during installation. 

For stronger seams and protection against the weight of ice and snow, R-Mer Span I-Span Anchor Clips were utilized above the valleys. A snow retention system was then attached directly to the metal to retain snow and allow it to melt on its own without falling off in dangerous chunks. These conscientious construction efforts minimized the effects of noise, debris, and distractions to the center, while the products chosen will protect the building against anything Mother Nature has up her sleeve.

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