For over 25 years DR!PSTOP has been the absolute best way of dealing with condensation on non-insulated metal roofs. It has been tried and tested in every climate condition across the globe and has proven to be a simpler and more economical way. 

The membrane will absorb the water caused by condensation, thus preventing dripping from the roof. DR!PSTOP serves as an added layer of protection for the metal in corrosive environments while also improving inside and outside acoustic properties. Both impact and echo noises are reduced significantly. 

For homeowners, STEEL SHIELD is designed specifically to protect metal panels installed directly on shingles against the abrasion caused by the expansion and contraction due to temperature changes.

Both DR!PSTOP and STEEL SHIELD are factory applied during the panel production process and show up on the job site already installed on the panels. Saves Time & Money! Ask for both products from your preferred panel provider.

Brands: DR!PSTOP—Condensation Control Membrane. Steel Shield protective coating. MR