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Aztec Washer Company, Inc. has served the building and construction industries for over 50 years. The industry-leading company is well-known for its competitive, dependable, quality products and reliable customer care. Aztec offers two primary sealing product lines: Master Seal® bonded sealing washers and Master Flash® pipe flashings. Master Seal® bonded sealing washers are vulcanized together through a process that allows the metal & rubber portion to maintain optimal weathering resistance from ozone, ultraviolet light, and most standard environmental agents. The Master Seal® bonded washers are designed to provide sealing, cushioning, and vibration resistance for applications where expansion and contraction occur, including metal roofing and siding. The Master Seal® Bonded Washers are designed to suit both common and unique applications. Our in-house design and stamping capabilities allow us to create custom washers that meet our customers’ unique application requirements. (Call 800-washer5, email [email protected], or fax 858-513-4305.)

Aztec’s in-house lab and network of resources provide top-rated compounds for its end-users with over 25 styles of Master Flash® pipe flashings available, plus the ability to develop designs to meet evolving conditions. With a minimum 20-year warranty as a standard for the Master Flash® pipe flashings, these ICC, IAPMO & UPC listed products are suitable for double-wall heated pipes (type-B vents) and many others such as electrical conduits, venting, and solar applications. Our parts are exceptional, as evidenced by an ICC listing, an ISO 9001-2015 certification, one of the best warranties, and customer satisfaction worldwide.

Our unique product quality and commitment and loyalty to our customers set Aztec apart from our counterparts. Working closely with our distribution network ensures that the right parts, in the right quantities, are available for customers’ orders and delivered correctly the first time. Our customer service team personally works with clients to ensure their needs and satisfaction are met. 

In today’s ever-changing world, with shipping and supply chain challenges, Aztec has committed itself to our customers by doubling our inventory and increasing the volume of stock on hand. We have also extended shipping hours for carriers to provide superior shipping options and meet customers’ just-in-time delivery requirements.

Continuous improvement means we strive for unsurpassed quality, service, and innovative product developments to keep Aztec Washer Company in its leadership position, and bodes well for continued success in the future. MOH