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For the last decade, Acu-Form has provided nothing less than the highest quality roll formers, implementing a tried-and-true manufacturing production process that prioritizes quality control checks, systems, and customer support.

The Acu-Form Promise includes:

On-Time Delivery: Your timeline matters. The timeline we promise is the timeline we deliver.

Pre-Tested Machines: Your machine will be pre-tested with your materials so when your machine arrives on-site it will be ready to put into production.

Versatile Growth Opportunities: Beyond your initial investment in the roll former, you have the ability to add and create new equipment to match your profile to expand your product offerings.

Exclusive Through-Hardened D2 Tool Steel: Our machines are manufactured with higher quality materials to ensure durability and performance at costs our competitors can’t match.

Power Options: We offer hydraulic, mechanical, or electrical power sources according to your needs. With options to do full automation.

Shipping, Delivery, and Installation Available: Once your product is ready, we can provide full-service shipping, delivery, and installation for you, including arranging for an electrician to match the specs of your project.

Customer Service: We are here to support you beyond delivery and installation. If you have a breakdown, we have parts in stock, in house, and can ship the same day. MOH