Aztec Washer Company, Inc., established in 1968, has served the building and construction industries for over 50 years. Aztec is an industry leader with two primary sealing products: Master Seal® bonded sealing washers and the Master Flash® pipe flashing product lines.

Aztec has its corporate headquarters in Poway, California, with independent operations in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Poland, Finland, and Australia.

Master Seal® bonded sealing washers are vulcanized together through a unique process that allows the metal & rubber portion to maintain optimal weathering resistance from ozone, ultraviolet light, and most standard environment agents. Master Seal® bonded washers are designed to provide sealing, cushioning, and vibration resistance for applications where expansion and contraction occur, such as metal roofing or siding, electrical installations, automotive, heavy equipment, aerospace, marine, and many other applications. 

Master Seal® Bonded Washers are designed with a wide range of diameters and various backing and facing materials to suit common and unique applications. Our in-house design and stamping capabilities have allowed us to create custom washers.

Master Flash® Pipe Boots provide a weatherproof seal around pipes penetrating the roof. They’re typically used in the construction and roofing industries to prevent leaks and water damage. Made from silicone or EPDM, they can accommodate various pipe diameters and roof pitches, offering durability and resistance to extreme temperatures, UV rays, and ozone. The pipe boot creates a tight compression seal and has a flexible base that molds to most panel configurations and roof pitches regardless of pipe location. MOH