Installing Drexel Metals’ 175S Snap Lock Metal Roofing Panel is simple and quick, which makes it an ideal solution for residential, institutional, and structural applications. The DMC 175S is distinctive for its broad seam width, impressive structural capabilities, and easy Snap Lock installation. Featuring a 1-3/4” seam height, this continuous interlocking engineered roof system has a concealed fastener and clip application that allows thermal movement and requires no mechanical seaming to ensure weathertight integrity.

Available Widths

12”, 14”, 16”, or 18”

*Drexel Metals design pressures, wind uplifts, and test reports are for specific deck attachments, material gauges, clip spacing, and panel widths. A complete specification and listing are available online at


Can be installed over open frame steel purlins, steel decking, steel decking with Polyiso, or plywood decking.

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