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The journey began in 2014 when a customer requested an alternative ridge vent. Since what they were looking for did not yet exist, this sparked our desire to engineer and manufacture a revolutionized ridge vent. The new product needed to satisfy the demands of the market and speed up the installation process on a standing seam roof. 


Our goal has always been to simplify the installation process for standing seam ridge vents. We make it our highest priority to deliver a quality product that not only meets, but exceeds, the standard expectations in the standing seam roofing industry. We strive to provide innovative, time-efficient products to ease the difficulty of installing standing seam ridge ventilation systems.

Our simple commitment: We follow the commands of Christ and commit to treating you like we want to be treated. We will do our best to deliver fast, quality service, every time you need it. 

The Snap-Z product allows installers to vent the peak of a standing seam metal roof in a way that air is allowed to flow, yet water and snow infiltration are restricted. The design of the Snap-Z is unique in the marketplace, a new product designed in-house by Snap-Z to work with 1” open-hem metal ridge caps. It fits between the ribs of standing seam roof panels. 

A simple, unique, two-step process makes installation of the Snap-Z a breeze, and saves both time and money with its speed and efficiency: 1. Using screws, install one Snap-Z on each side of the ridge of the roof. 2. Take the ridge cap and slide it onto the Snap-Z. Then fasten the ridge cap to the Snap-Z with a minimum of three pairs of pop rivets per 10’ of ridge cap. 

Snap-Z is cut to the length desired by each customer. Product specifications include: 

• Net Free Area: Up to 15 square inches per 1 linear foot of ridge
• Snow Infiltration: 0
• Withstands 120mph wind-driven rain 
• Withstands winds up to 110mph 
• Air Flow: 730 cubic feet per min (per 10’ ridge)
• Rib Height: 1”, 1-1⁄2”, 1-3⁄4”, 2”

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