AkzoNobel Coatings Inc.

CERAM-A-STAR® 1050 Select is the leading coil coating technology with a standard color palette program to optimize your business and make color complexity a thing of the past with improved availability and quicker turns on projects. Developed specifically for use with CERAM-A-STAR® 1050, the market-leading SMP coating, it ensures the same exceptional performance and warranty, with the benefit of a standard color palette program. 

AppliCad USA Inc.

AppliCad has developed software for simplified roof modeling in 3D that results in comprehensive cladding material and labor take-off, client proposals, and job planning. The software creates complete material lists, cutting lists, workshop details, supplier orders, and a labor summary at the click of a mouse button. With 25+ years experience and software in 148 countries, AppliCad knows how to do estimates for metal roofing and wall cladding, including all associated trim and accessory items.


EPDM Coatings

The only liquid butyl rubber in the world with a one-coat process that never needs a primer. We are a specialty roof coating manufacturer specializing in contractor-grade solvent-based coatings. Our unique drying process allows for a chemical cross-link whereby our coating and the substrate it is applied on become one and the same. Extend your client’s roof another 18-20 years! Volume pricing available. Custom colors available. Our product line has been ASTM tested and FDA approved.


Midwest Enterprises

Hydroclean® High Capacity gutter guards are engineered for heavy rain volume areas where the perforated surfaces work hard to channel away excess rainwater. Best on long runs of standard shingles, very steep roofs, and metal roofs, the 5” guards have three rows of perforations, where guards for 6” and 7” gutters have six rows to handle even greater volumes.


Raytec Manufacturing

HangTite and HangFast hidden gutter hangers, manufactured by Raytec Manufacturing, are exceptionally strong. Both have proven records of performance, strength, and ease of use in the field. Raytec engineers designed the Hangtite to be strong. Hangfast hangers, with the integrated screw, add speed to the installation without compromising performance. Both hangers are available in 5” and 6” sizes in aluminum, galvanized, and copper. 


Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings

Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings, formerly Valspar, offers a full range of high-performance architectural metal coatings in PVDF, SMP, and polyester formulas. Fluropon is its flagship coating, with 70% PVDF resins, offering premium protection against harmful UV rays, chalk, fade and chemical degradation. WeatherXL, the next generation enhanced silicone polyester coating, protects against weathering for years. WeatherXL Crinkle Finish coating offers a unique textured appearance. Each is extremely durable with excellent film adhesion integrity.


Ames Research Laboratories, Inc.

Blue Max® Liquid Rubber Waterproofer is a water-based, strong, flexible, and highly adhesive elastomeric coating and sealant with 1200% elongation that moves with the surface to resist cracking and peeling. Ideal for waterproofing above and below grade foundations, basements, roofs, floors and more including masonry, cement backer board, ICF, wood, metal and EPDM. It’s easy to apply with brush, roller, or sprayer and water clean-up. Non-toxic, eco-friendly, low VOC and made in the USA. Available in 1- and 5-gallon pails. Bulk ordering available.


GSSI Sealants Inc.

GSSI manufactures premier elastomeric butyl rubber sealant tapes. We have been producing tapes for a wide range of industries and applications for more than 30 years. Our MB-10A is a premier elastomeric butyl rubber sealant designed to meet the critical requirements of metal building applications.


SS Snow Stoppers

SS Snow Stoppers acts as a restraining system that holds ice and snow in place, allowing it to melt away without the fear of sliding off of your roof. When installed properly, a barrier is created that does not distract from the aesthetics of your roof, but is still very effective at stopping an avalanche. RMG Premium and SS G Classic Snow Stoppers are 14-gauge stainless steel and come in 28 powder coated colors to match your roof.

MWI Components

MWI Components’ Uni-Seal® is the perfect choice for valley and hip applications. This sealant eliminates the need for angle-cut closures, and installation is a breeze thanks to the factory-applied glue strip. For hip applications, apply Uni-Seal® approximately 1/2” from the edge of the ridge cap and fasten through the high rib with stitch screws. For valley applications, apply approximately 1/2” from the edge of the roof. Stop leak paths with Uni-Seal®’s convenient 1”x1”x20’ and 1-1/2”x1-1/2”x20’ rolls!

800-360-6467 ext. 5

Beckers Group

For a high-performance coating designed to last 40-plus years, with excellent color and gloss retention, BeckryTech Super-Durable Polyester is an ideal solution. BeckryTech is based on a resin chemistry that is less reactive to UV light than the leading silicone modified polyester (SMP) products and resists the water “hazing” effect commonly found in coil-coated SMP products. The Super-Durable Polyester product line is used around the world for high-end projects and meets AAMA 2604 in all color families. 


IdeaRoom Inc.

Your customers deserve a world-class buying experience. You deserve a thriving online business. Step up your game with 3D sales tools that produce higher conversion rates, reduced sales costs and higher average sales prices. Solutions for the shed, carport and building industries.


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