By Coastal Metal

Palmer Trinity is a private learning institution that takes pride in its architecture and building standard. Their goal when choosing a metal roofing system was to both match their modern aesthetic and facilitate the most durable roofing solution for their faculty and students. The owners chose metal since it has the highest wind rating with a high-slope roof system. The building maintains its symmetrical cross shape for a religious statement.

Coastal Metal IdeaBook 2022

Roofing Panels: Coastal Metal, 5V crimp, 1.5” mechanically seamed, 24-ga. Galvalume
Installer: Isaac’s Roofing & Insulation Corporation
Fasteners: 1.25” steel ring shank nails, 4” OC
Underlayment:#30 Paper
Fire Barrier: Versashield
Coil Supplier: Drexel Metals


Post frame, Roll forming, Metal forming, Sheds, Agricultural construction, Metal panel, Steel Buildings

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