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Government — State Capitol Building

by Toni Rahn

The State Capitol Building is an unmistakable piece of Colorado history—nobody passes through the city without noticing and admiring its shining dome. Now, the building also boasts a one-of-a-kind, equally impressive roofing system to complement the brilliance and longevity of the golden beacon. 

As a result of the recent roof replacement on the 121-year-old Colorado State Capitol Building, every piece of metal on the historic building’s rooftop, from the standing seam panels to the shingles on the low-slope portions to the gutter, is now copper. The goal of the project was to provide a unique roof for the remarkable building that would last for generations to come. Copper was the perfect material to do so.

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Toni Rahn
Author: Toni Rahn

Toni Rahn is a former managing editor of Metal Roofing Magazine. For current editorial contacts, see our About Us page: https://readmetalroofing.com/about-us/

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