Cornett Roofing Systems

Cornett Roofing Systems

Roof Size: 90 squares

Roof Panels:
Modern Metal Roofing, 24-ga., Standing Seam and Flat Seam Copper

Kynar, Copper Penny


Direct Metals Inc.


Tri-Shield Synthetic Underlayment

Cornett Roofing Systems was hired to replace a five year old roof that was improperly installed by a previous contractor for this historical church in Nazareth, Kentucky. The church wanted a new roof that would stop the leaking and protect their beautiful architectural designs on the inside of their place of worship. They wanted a roof that would provide a beautiful aesthetic to make the outside as beautiful as the inside as well as to protect the building for many years to come. They chose to install a standing seam roof in a copper penny color. Cornett Roofing paired this with difficult copper flat seam work on various areas of the building to preserve the historical feel and look.  The finished product is breath-taking and will continue to protect the church for decades to come.