Cornett Roofing Systems

Cornett Roofing Systems

Roof Size: 26 squares

Roof Panels:
Modern Metal Roofing, 24-ga., Powder Coated Metal Shake Series Panels

Kynar, Colonial Slate





Tri-Shield Synthetic Underlayment

This homeowner desperately wanted a metal roof for her home but was struggling to get approval from her Home Owner’s Association. Cornett Roofing Systems introduced the client to the various styles that are manufactured by Modern Metal Roofing. These include: metal shake, metal tile, metal shingle and standing seam. Together the homeowner and Cornett Roofing agreed that the metal shake series or the metal shingle series would be the best options to present to her HOA. The HOA agreed to using either style after seeing previous installations. The home owner made the final decision to go with the Metal Shake Series for her one-story home. This project is unique because it shows how metal roofing has transformed over the years and how much it has changed since regular barn metal roofing. It is apparent that many homeowners are not aware of the various styles now available to simulate traditional roofing and still have to jump through many HOA hoops to get a lifelong roof. This project was a simple, one-story home and just by adding a metal roof the entire look was transformed. The homeowner is beyond pleased with the final look and having the peace of mind that comes with a metal roof.