A new metal roof is teaching an entire school district about how alluring and effective roofing solutions can be. Alumni of Matilija Middle School have fond memories of their years at the school. They remember the triumphs and defeats in their beloved gymnasium, but they also remember the water that would run down the walls during their playing time. Alumni turned Project Managers for the Ojai Unified School District knew it was time to fix the roofing instabilities that had been harming the gym’s watertight integrity for years. The existing shingle roof was no longer effective, so a Garland R-Mer Span metal standing seam system became the buzzer-beater success they needed. 

Chosen for its sleek look and watertight structural integrity, the new metal roof is cost-effective and proven to last for years to come. Due to the size and shape of the structure, 18″-wide panels had to be roll-formed on-site to meet the exact profile and radius of the tight barrel-shaped roof. This 90′ seamless panel was specifically designed to reduce oil-canning on the 24-gauge steel panels and its installation was a sight to behold for the community. Families drove out on the weekend to watch the roll-forming and now the memories of a unique installation and newly watertight gymnasium will prove to be a win for the community for future generations.