This sprawling corporate office compound near the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolis is home to financial giant Charles Schwab’s latest corporate headquarters. KPost Company, the Official Roofing & Waterproofing Company of the Dallas Cowboys, installed close to 150,000 square feet of standing seam metal roofing on several of the buildings, some of which required continuous 160-foot-long panels. The panels were so large that KPost had to work with the contractor to carve out a 100′ x 300′ area on the grounds to accommodate the BEMO roll-forming and curving operations.

Prior to installation, KPost inspected the structural deck for imperfections; if they were to install on an uneven deck, the standing seam panels would have emphasized the blemishes and the final product would not have a uniform profile. KPost was able to identify faults using a string line and installed Z-girts and flat stock metal to make up for them. 

This impressive project also involved a collaboration with the architect for a watertight solution at the gutters. Given KPost’s past experiences with standing seam gutters, they were able to flip the gutters from a metal gutter system to a single-ply roofing membrane gutter system, providing the owner with a warrantable option.