Coated Metals Group – Idea Book ’23

Private Home - Phoenix, Arizona

by Marcus Josiger


Bob Bacon, RJ Bacon Design

Twin City Sheet Metal

Tom Archer Custom Homes & Design, LLC

Roof SIze:
16,000 sq. ft.

DB Fastener #10 1 1/2” HEX Screws and 1/8” rivets

Bronze Dow Corning Trademate Silicone Sealant

Roof Panels:
CMG / Ultra Corrugated Panels & Twin City Sheet Metal / Custom Flush Seam Panels

CMG / Dark Bronze (custom finish on both sides)

FT Synthetics / FT Platinum HTSA Underlayment

This roof features custom fabricated flush panel gabled ends with corrugated panels fastened directly to the exposed timber purlins. To help make the exposed underside of the roof more visually appealing, Twin City Sheet Metal recruited CMG for a custom paint finish. This steel was custom coated in CMG’s Dark Bronze finish on both sides, providing a very cohesive look to anyone passing underneath. CMG’s Ultra Corrugated panels were used to provide a contemporary aesthetic that draws back to the designs of classic metal roofing.

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