By Cherry Fork Metals

Cutting corners is not a recommended way to save money when it comes to roofing. That was a hard lesson learned by a school in Southwest Ohio, which had originally chosen metal roofing, only to be persuaded to use asphalt due to the cost savings. The new roof failed after 15 years. Albert Shrock, owner of Cherry Fork Metals LLC, was subcontracted for the re-roofing project. He said the reason behind the failure were obvious: The new roof was too flat for shingles. “It was designed for metal, and it was only a 2.5/12 pitch. They put shingles on it, and it leaked from day one.”

Roofing Panels: Cherry Fork Metals, 1-3/4” Snap-Lock, galvanized, 22 ga. (roll formed on site)
Installer: Cherry Fork Metals
Contractor: Randy Evans Construction
Tear-off: Ohio Valley Roofing Systems
Underlayment: Ft Synthetics Platinum HTSA
Snow Management: S-5! 
Coating: Becker Group, BeckryTex, Burnished Slate 
Coil Supplier: Hixwood


Phone: 740-637-0657

Post frame, Roll forming, Metal forming, Sheds, Agricultural construction, Metal panel, Steel Buildings

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