According to some, one of the best ways to judge a golf course is by the quality of its members. In the case of Medalist Golf Club, an 18-hole championship course founded by Greg Norman and influential golf architect Pete Dye, the South Florida club has more than its share of endorsements. Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson are among the list of A-list members, along with dozens of other PGA tour players and professional athletes. 

The challenging course layout and exceptionally maintained greens are just a few of the reasons that the world’s top players call Medalist home. The exclusive golf destination also features first-rate facilities, including a sprawling 30,200-sq. ft. main clubhouse. The clubhouse, which both greets members upon their arrival and serves as the backdrop on hole 18, exudes quiet luxury; its timeless metal roof provides a beautiful contrast against its laid-back, coastal-style exterior. 

Consulting firm looks to trusted provider 

Up until a couple of years ago, a natural slate roofing product covered the clubhouse. But slate tiles are heavy and easily damaged. During the re-roof, it was discovered the weight of the slate tiles had a damaging effect on the underlying sheathing. This damage explained the leaky roof the clubhouse had begun experiencing. Needing a new roof that could deliver lasting style and performance, Medalist Golf Club sought counsel from Knopf & Associates, a well-respected consulting firm in South Florida’s roofing industry. 

The DMC 175S profile used features a 1¾” seam height and in this instance, a 16” panel width. The metal panels were finished in Inkwell, a low-gloss dark charcoal-gray color, to reduce glare for the golfers. Photos courtesy of Drexel Metals.

To deliver a premium roofing solution from a trusted materials provider, Knopf & Associates turned to Drexel Metals. In addition to complementing the intended design aesthetic, Knopf & Associates felt 100% confident that a metal roofing system, installed by Southern Coast Enterprises Inc. of Deerfield Beach, Florida, could provide substantial benefits. These benefits include minimal maintenance, long-term performance and a strong manufacturer’s warranty. Southern Coast Enterprises’ long history of installing Drexel Metals’ products made them an easy choice to ensure the re-roof was done right and on schedule.

Benefits of concealed fasteners and clips 

Knopf & Associates selected the DMC 175S profile, formed from .040 aluminum. The DMC 175S profile is known for its broad-width seam and weathertight integrity, featuring a 1¾” seam height and in this instance, a 16” panel width. The metal panels were finished in Inkwell, a low-gloss dark charcoal-gray color, to reduce glare for the golfers. 

The DMC 175S system utilizes a snap lock installation and free-floating clips, which allows for thermal movement. The interlocking system made the installation process fast and simple for Southern Coast Enterprises, guaranteeing the ability to complete the project during the off-season. The panels discreetly attach to the roof deck with clips and are fastened beneath the metal’s surface, preserving the roof’s smooth, uninterrupted profile lines. Achieving a clean look across the expansive roof was a top priority for the project team given Medalist’s high attention to detail on and off the course. Additionally, the panels can be “unsnapped” and easily replaced if damaged, contributing to the system’s low-maintenance appeal. 

Enhanced performance and weather resistance in the coastal environment 

While the DMC 175S system provides many forms of weathertight protection, its ability to stand strong against coastal winds is arguably one of its most critical benefits given the golf club’s close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, Medalist is less than a mile and a half away from the nearest sandy beach. Receiving a Class 90 UL 580 Wind Uplift rating and meeting UL 1897 Extended Phase Wind Uplift requirements means the metal roofing system can endure the incredible pressures of high winds. Engineered to deliver all-around performance in nearly any type of coastal weather, Drexel Metals’ roofing system is also certified to ASTM E1646 Water Infiltration and TAS 100 Wind Driven Rain specifications.

These performance ratings, in combination with the system’s inherently durable aluminum substrate, mean that the new Medalist roof will resist the damaging effects of Hobe Sound’s severe coastal weather events, including hurricane-force winds and wind-driven rain. This level of dependability has never been more critical, especially as Florida and other parts of the U.S. continue to get hit by stronger, costlier and more frequent extreme weather events. The resilient nature of the aluminum metal roofing system also translates to less maintenance over the course of its service life compared to its natural slate, asphalt or wood counterparts. 

Metal roofing is right on par for Medalist  

Medalist Golf Club has already earned a reputation as the ultimate golf destination for many of today’s top PGA tour players. The new metal roof brings the clubhouse up to par with the level of excellence you’d expect from this championship course. In fact, Medalist extended the many benefits of metal roofing to other facilities on the property, including the security check-in point at the gated entrance and the “halfway house” at the turn. 

Going all-in on metal roofing makes sense. It has become synonymous with sought-after qualities such as lower total cost of ownership, advanced weather resistance and a beautiful design aesthetic, which makes it uniquely suited for this South Florida championship course. MR