Dear readers: I went out to dinner last night and it was refreshing to see people out and about without masks and families enjoying valuable time together. Maybe, just maybe, we are putting this last year behind us. 

Of course, there will be ongoing challenges: material shortages, increasing prices, and the possibilities of inflation and rising interest rates, to name just a few. However, one positive that inspires me is some people always manage to create despite all challenges.

This annual special issue, our Idea Book, showcases visually stunning and interesting buildings that feature metal roofing. The builders and manufacturers listed on these pages built beautiful projects in spite of the challenges they faced. Material and worker shortages, arbitrary regulations, and an overarching general uncertainty were not enough to stop these people from completing these outstanding projects.

The answer to most problems is the indomitable spirit of the entrepreneur. When you face challenges and have doubts, just look at what our readers, contractors, and suppliers have been able to accomplish.

When are you able to do great things? For some people the answer is always today

Today is a great day to succeed.

Gary Reichert, Publisher

[email protected]