At the end of May, my husband and I took the trip of a lifetime—two weeks on the quiet Caribbean island of Roatan, Honduras. When we weren’t snorkeling or beach strolling, I found my eye drawn to the local architecture. Namely, the assortment of roofing styles and materials.

The first thing I noticed was that approximately 75% of the roofs were metal. This is no surprise, given its resilience against even the harshest climates. They wouldn’t meet our local codes, but for the most part appeared to be doing their job—keeping the elements out and the AC in. I did spot a few thatch roofs and a tile one or two, but didn’t see a single shingle roof. This made the wheels turn, and I thought of an article on Metal Roofing Around the World—what percentage of roofs in various areas are metal versus other? What are the differences in gauge, installation, etc. from continent to continent? How do metal roofs look different in each area?

Now, if you read the Publisher’s Note, you learned that this will be my last issue. So I leave this topic in the hands of our next capable editor! Have you completed an overseas roofing job? What can you share about the experience? Unless they send the new editor on a global tour for the sake of the article, we’re relying on you—those who are actually up on roofs every day. So please! Send an email or drop a letter in the mail to the new editor of Metal Roofing Magazine, Toni Rahn. You can reach her at [email protected]. Please share your roofing experiences from around the world with Toni and your fellow roofing professionals!