Dr!pStop is the absolute BEST WAY to handle condensation in uninsulated metal buildings; it fights condensation without insulation. Specially designed air pockets store condensation and hold it overnight, then it evaporates back into the air as humidity. Since Dr!pStop arrives on the jobsite already installed, it is not only safer, but it saves the time and labor costs of installing insulation. It also protects the steel by adding another layer of protection from the corrosive elements found in livestock confinement.

Building Materials

Drexel Metals

MetShield Synthetic roof underlayment is among the safest, strongest and best-performing roof underlayments on the market. Water-, UV- and wrinkle-resistant, MetShield Synthetic will not buckle, warp or crack. The woven heavyweight polymer fabric surface provides dynamic traction and is ideal for any slope no matter the weather. Backed by a 35-year warranty, MetShield Synthetic is rated for residential and commercial applications alike.


MWI Components

Infinity Shield® is offered in standard rolls of 4’x125’ Single Bubble Foil/Foil, Double Bubble Foil/Foil, Single Bubble White/Foil and Double Bubble White/Foil. We also manufacture a no seam 6’x125’ and 8’x125’ roll version of all the available SKUs. Infinity Shield® is cost efficient and hassle-free. Additionally, the standard crushed edge tab (2”) will result in simplified overlapping. Our ultra-white bubble has a more opaque finish — a result of additives throughout all layers of the bubble.

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Levi’s Building Components

RoloShield™ covers more roof with less roll—lowering your installed cost. This water-resistant 100% polypropylene synthetic roofing underlayment is lightweight, stronger than felt, and easily installed thanks to its pre-printed nailing pattern. With extended UV resistance and an added slip-resistant layer, the new and improved RoloShield™ lineup offers a range of economical to high-end options with code-compliant quality.

Advanced Architectural Sheet Metal and Supply

ADVANCED Architectural continues to manufacture in-house and provides consistent, excellent customer service with their quality gutters, downspouts, elbows, and gutter accessories as well as brake metal to roofers and contractors nationally. Their team concept with dedication, quality control, and commitment goes above and beyond with every customer. ADVANCED has been serving the industry for over 25 years.


Aqua Defender

Aqua Defender creates a lasting barrier between your building’s metal envelope and the harmful effects of condensation. Adhered directly to the roof and wall panels during manufacturing, it absorbs moisture, prevents rust from forming, and extends the maintenance-free life of your building. With an easy-release vinyl backer, Aqua Defender applies cleanly and maintains tension for a snug fit.


MFM Building Products Corp.

Ultra HT Wind & Water Seal® is a self-adhering underlayment composed of a cross-laminated, non-slip polymer film laminated to a high temperature rubberized asphalt adhesive. It is engineered for use with metal roofing system where extreme heat is generated. The membrane is self-sealing around fasteners and has a slip-resistant surface. The 45 mil underlayment comes in a 36” x 67’ roll size, has 90 day UV exposure rating and a 10-year warranty. Made in the USA.



Titanium® Synthetic and Self-Adhered Underlayment: the premium choice for protection that lasts. Contractors trust Titanium Synthetic and Self-Adhered Underlayment for roofing projects that demand performance. Sure-Foot® Technology creates a safer nodular walking surface that resists tearing and keeps working to help prevent moisture damage and cracking under tough conditions. Choose one of the most preferred premium synthetic underlayment brands—and the ideal choice for asphalt and metal roofing systems. Discover all the benefits of premium synthetic and self-adhered underlayment.

rFOIL Insulation Products (Covertech)

rFOIL Reflective Insulation is a single or double layer of heavy-duty polyethylene bubble, bonded to two metalized foil sheets. A white interior facing is an option. rFOIL is designed to control heat gain/loss, and prevent interior condensation in all types of post frame, metal building and metal roofing applications. rFOIL provides the best defense against the radiant heat gain/loss that occurs commonly in these systems. The key is the aluminized surface(s), which block 96% of radiant heat transfer.



The Sharkskin line of products is designed to ensure that quality roof installations are not compromised by inferior underlayment products. The state of the art in underlayment is found in Sharkskin, which is the only patented roof underlayment on the market. Sharkskin is 100 percent polypropylene, which gives it the following advantages over competitive products and asphalt felts: Sharkskin Ultra and Sharkskin UltraSA are Poly Foam Approved. Sharkskin Ultra Radiant was developed to exceed California Energy Code Title 24 Standards.


Underlayment Specialties Plus 

RoofTopGuard SA, a certified VOSB, is a self-adhered membrane that performs as a water/ice barrier. Its wide width offers maximum coverage. It also offers aggressive adhesion with the lowest installation temps. RoofTopGuard SA is part of USP’s unique high-performance product offering. RoofTopGuard II Premium Synthetic Underlayment was engineered to be the safest, best-performing roofing underlayment in the market. Roofers Choice II Synfelt shares common characteristics found with RoofTopGuard II Premium making it an industry best buy. All products are tested and certified for use under all roofing claddings. 


United Steel Supply

United Steel Supply provides high-quality flat rolled steel coils. We offer superior customer service, competitive pricing, and just-in-time delivery, allowing us to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. United Steel Supply offers Galvalume®, galvanized, and prepainted steel coils for metal roofing and siding applications in the agricultural, commercial, industrial, and residential markets. 


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