ProfileVent is a single-layer ridge vent designed for metal roofs, specifically cut to fit more than 50 profiles. Mongoose, a ridge vent designed for sloped shingle roofs, has a pressure-sensitive strip to provide permanent adhesion to shingles. RidgeVent is an excellent choice for cedar, asphalt, and slate roofs. Contractor’s Choice ridge vent for sloped roofs helps vent the attic. Hip & Ridge Vent is for universal application to any screw-down panels ½” to 1½” high. All Ventco products are manufactured in the U.S.

Building Components

MWI Components

MWI offers a large color palette with over 100 colors for ridge vents to match most roll formers’ metal panels. Additionally, MWI supplies Uni-Vent® II and Uni-Vent®III (to ventilate with a ridge cap) and manufactures two high and three low profiles of Ridg-Vents® for outstanding ventilation. To prevent rust stains and ease of handling, the vents have no raw metal edges. MWI Components is the industry’s leading manufacturer of steel and aluminum soffit systems. They offer full-vent, center-vent and solid soffit systems with pre-cut or special cut lengths, and sizes ranging from 7-144”.
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You probably have experience with traditional foam ridge vents. It’s only a matter of time until the foam starts working loose and then falls out from under the ridge cap. Snap-Z’s innovative design uses absolutely no exposed foam so it’s impossible for it to slip out of place, thus resulting in maintenance-free ventilation. With 16 colors to choose from, you can also match the ridge vent to the color of metal you are working with. Snap-Z’s coatings are fade-resistant for a long-lasting color match. Snap-Z in Eco-Black ships the next day. Eco-Black gives you the most ridge vent for your money compared to other colors. The matte black color works great with any color roof because the color contrast is hidden in the shadow line.


Steel Shield is specifically designed for the installation of steel panels directly over asphalt shingled roofs. The exceptionally durable membrane protects the underside of the steel roofing panels against abrasion due to temperature change expansion. Steel Shield saves the time and money typically spent when applying an additional vapor barrier, while eliminating the need for furring strips. Steel Shield can also reduce the need for walking boards since it is factory applied during the panel production process and shows up installed on the panels. From the makers of DripStop.

Marco Industries

As North America’s leading ventilation manufacturer, Marco Industries offers superior roof ventilation your way, with products tailored to fit specific performance requirements and budgets. Our ventilation products feature an exclusive nonwoven polyester material that delivers extreme durability and breathes to help prevent moisture absorption. All ventilation products offer a 40-year limited warranty, easy one-person installations, and two full beads of M63, Marco’s proprietary adhesive, for superior hold.

Plyco Corp.

Plyco manufactures and distributes a variety of ventilation products designed to meet most airflow requirements. The MWE-100 is a low profile unit, 10’ in length with 12 sq. in. free air space per lineal foot. The MW100-25 has a higher profile than the MWE and is open at the top. The ventilator has an internal diverter to direct rain off to the side and out onto the roof. The MW100-35 has the same design as the 25 series with increased free air space of 36 sq. in. per lineal foot.

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