MetalForming, Inc. recently announced the addition of the Stolarczyk Tension Stand and Recoiler to its product line. The Stolarczyk Tension Stand and Recoiler is efficient, easy to use, and reduces cost and lead time on custom coil widths. The tensioner clamps the material via pneumatic pressure with felt pads. The pressure gauge is fully adjustable for accurate clamping of material, while the loop is controlled utilizing a dancer arm. Shafts with separating disks ensure the material is guided to the tensioner and recoiler. Separating disks are included in the basic price for a total of six slits.

The recoiler is open-frame cantilevered design for easy load/unload of coil, and has overhead guide with a separating disk to ensure alignment of coil. The recoil speed is controlled via dancer arm control but is fully adjustable via a rotary potentiometer. 

The Stolarczyk Tension Stand and Recoiler can be customized. Additional options include coil cart for the recoiler, quick-change felt, rotary exit shear, pneumatic clamp for recoiler, and in-feed lifting table.

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