High Temperature  Underlayment Solutions

MFM offers metal roofing contractors three HIGH TEMPERATURE rated underlayment solutions. These self-adhering and self-sealing underlayments are rated to 250°F (121°C) to withstand the high heat generated by metal roofing systems. Roll sizes are 36″ x 67′ and come with a split release liner.

MFM Wind & Water Seal™

This 40-mil underlayment is composed of a non-slip polymer film engineered for whole roof waterproofing protection. 60-day UV protection.

Ultra HT Wind & Water Seal™

This 45-mil premium underlayment is composed of a cross-laminated polymer film for use under all roofing systems. 90-day UV protection.

Premium HT Tile & Metal™

New as of 2019, this 60-mil underlayment features a high-grade, reinforced polyester fabric surface, fiberglass-reinforced core, and a 3″ selvedge edge. 180-day UV protection.

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