Committed to the Roofing Industry

MFM remains committed to the roofing industry as we head into 2024. After our major expansion project in 2022, we have since added additional production equipment to keep our customers stocked with high quality, cost-effective waterproofing products.

At MFM, we specialize in only self-adhered waterproofing membranes. We do not do synthetics, torch down or built-up roofing systems. By specializing in one area, we’ve honed our craft to give our customers peace of mind, reduce call backs, and the ability to sell at a competitive price.

Look to MFM for:

• Granulated ice & water underlayments

• High-temperature underlayments

• Tile and metal underlayments

• Shingle starter membranes

• Low-slope roofing membranes

• Specialty roofing and construction tapes

• And so much more!

Fortified™ Performance

MFM is proud that most of our underlayments conform with the Fortified™ Building Program which is growing across the United States. Being Fortified means that the products we manufacture have to been third-party tested to help against storm damage to potentially give homeowners reduced insurance rates and other incentives.


MFM is an Employee-Owned ESOP company and takes great pride in the quality of our work. Our products are manufactured in the United States and come with a rock-solid warranty to back it up. It’s the way we’ve been doing business since 1961.

Need a Sample?

Check us out at or email [email protected] to learn more about our products or to request a FREE sample to see the quality for yourself. MOH