McElroy Metal is a third-generation family-owned components manufacturer that works hard to help its customers succeed. McElroy Metal customers are working in a variety of construction markets, ranging from post-frame buildings to high-rise offices and hotels. 

One area of success in recent years has been the roof re-cover market, specifically, the metal-over-metal roof re-cover. McElroy Metal developed the 238T symmetrical standing seam roofing system to allow roofers to re-cover existing metal roofing systems that have outlived their service life without a tear-off, protecting the contents within the building and allowing the operations under the roof to continue.

McElroy Metal offers multiple methods of metal roof re-cover that feature the 238T system, setting a new standard for performance with ease of installation, outstanding wind uplift and strength characteristics, individual panel replacement capability, and job site roll forming for long length panels. To meet the demand for specialty panels, 238T is also available tapered and curved.

Because the panels are symmetrical, 238T can be installed from either end of the roof or even from the center out. Symmetrical panels also allow for individual panels to be removed and replaced if they become damaged. Galvalume, 238T’s standard substrate, has a roof life expectancy approaching 60 years, so having the ability to replace one or two damaged panels, as opposed to an entire roof, could offer significant savings for the building owner during that time. 

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