Malco is in the business of designing and manufacturing innovative, work-saving trade tools that set the standard for efficiency, lasting quality, and safety on the job. This strategy, and the employee owners that make it happen, is at the heart of our success. 

Malco innovation is a never-ending journey. The original two-hand-operation TurboShear, for example, was introduced in 2003. It was the first of many more good ideas that spawned a category of drill attachments and air tools that, today, number 17 models for cutting and fabricating a broad range of building materials and sheet metal, including a full line of TurboShears for the Metal Roofing Trade. 

The beefy, wide-opening jaws of our TurboShearHD navigate precise cuts in 18-gauge steel, including tight patterns and seams. The slender, elongated jaws of our TurboShearCM easily follow corrugated and trapezoidal profiles of building and roofing panels. And a compact TurboShearMD double cut head navigates 90° outside angles and is ideal for cutting around standing seam profiles. 

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