Sunflare PowerFit 20 [] is a light, thin, flexible, and nearly invisible solar panel. The new model lies flat, nestling between the seams of metal standing seam roofs. It couples the power of the sun with the power of aesthetics. 

Traditional solar cells are made with silicon, while Sunflare modules start with a flexible, stainless steel substrate and micron layer of semiconductors. A polymer top sheet follows. The combination of the two creates a durable panel producing 90% efficiency output for 10 years and 80% efficiency output for 11-25 years. 

Additional features:

• Lightweight – 75% lighter than c-Si panels.

• Thin – 95% thinner than c-Si panels.

• Flexible – The .127mm stainless steel substrate allows for curvature.

• Durable – Withstands high impact, is resistant to heat, wind, and cold.

Sunflare PowerFit 20 modules come with a butyl adhesive backing for a peel and stick installation process. For best fit on the roof panel, the standing seam “flat” must be at least 15.5” to accommodate wire management.