By Karen Knapstein


Welcome to the 2023 Metal Roofing Idea Book. As always, you’ll find this special edition packed with metal roofing projects from all over the United States.  

As I paged through the final proofs I couldn’t help but notice the number of residential metal roof projects that were submitted for this issue. From this small sampling, it would appear as though there are a growing number of homeowners who appreciate metal in disguise. Research is needed to be sure; we’d love it if you would drop us a line or give us a call and let us know what you’re experiencing in your area. Are more people looking for metal roofs other than standing seam or through-fastened panels?

Since this issue is all about roofing projects, you’ll have to wait till the next edition for your next dose of regular metal roofing features and news. But you won’t have to wait long; the June/July edition heads off to the printer in a couple weeks, which means it will be landing in your mailbox shortly thereafter.

The next edition has a hearty flashback feature about the history of metal shingles. The re-roofing series of articles by McElroy Metal also continues with its third and final installment: Nine ways to recover an existing sloped metal roof with standing seam. 

No doubt spring storms are on the way, so you may find the article about lightning protection and metal roofs of interest. It, too, will be in the June/July edition.

Until next time — be well (and don’t forget to send me a note about roofing trends in your area).MR