By Gary Reichert

Welcome to the 2023 Metal Roofing Idea Book. There is a lot to look for in these annual issues.  Looking back it is a good way to see the trends that shaped our industry.  Some years the projects that builders and manufacturers showcase are specific types of roofs.  They could be natural metal finishes, new shingle profiles or colors, standing seam or through fastened.  Some years the projects take a theme for the building types or styles.  They could be churches and spires, mountain retreats or wedding barns.

As a company Shield Wall Media is venturing into data collection.  The analytical side of me wonders if we can gain more than inspiration from the projects in the Idea Book.  Is there a story in the nature and number of projects and how they change from year to year?

That bigger question is for another day.  For now please enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship displayed in the 2023 Idea Book.  If you have a project in the issue, thank you for dedication required to develop a trade into an art form.