If you’re in the metal roofing industry—or considering starting your own business—looking for high-quality rollforming machinery can feel overwhelming. Finding equipment that’s guaranteed to last, plus providing industry-leading results is the goal, right? But where do you look for that ideal? 

Founded out of 10+ years of experience in metal roofing, Formwright began in 2019 with a singular idea – to provide a solution that combines high-quality rollforming machines and enclosed trailers tailored to each customer’s needs.

Industry-Leading Machinery

Not all rollforming machinery is created equal. That’s why Formwright only supplies industry-leading rollforming machinery built by New Tech Machinery (NTM). Versatility, durability, and easy maintenance are just a few qualities of NTM.  Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, NTM rollforming machines are straightforward to use with the “easiest tooling to change out”, according to Formwright salesman Levi Stoltzfus. 

With countless configurations for roofing panels and long-lasting results, you can’t go wrong when you choose New Tech Machinery enclosed in a custom Formwright trailer.

Customized Enclosed Trailers

When Formwright began, there was a demand for high-quality rollforming machinery but a lack of proper trailers to transport this high-dollar equipment. Instead of settling for transporting machinery through the rain, snow, and dust that the Midwest climate brings, Formwright co-founder Larry Schlabach started brainstorming up a solution—custom trailers built specifically for NTM machines.

The best part about these enclosed trailers? Constant protection for the machinery inside plus limitless customization. In Levi’s words, “We have a standard trailer model—18’ box trailer with machine and control panel that’s easy to use…[but] very rarely are there two trailers the same”. Custom options include a pegboard and bin system for organization and a 3-coil rack that mounts above the rollforming machine. Formwright trailers are also designed to reduce the hassle of moving equipment in and out—with or without a forklift.

Whether you’re looking for a basic trailer model, or something suited specifically for your line of metal roofing, Formwright has the equipment, trailer, and accessories for you. 

The Roll Forming Solution

Six years later, the solution remains the same – fully outfitted custom trailers for metal roofing customers across the country. With demand for metal roofing at an all-time high, Formwright takes the pressure off finding the best equipment by supplying an all-in-one solution. 

Founded by metal roofing experts, Formwright understands what makes the difference in rollforming machinery. Instead of wasting hours searching for solutions, let Formwright answer those stressful metal roofing questions for you—plus get you fully outfitted with rollforming equipment and a custom trailer. 

Additionally, talking to Formwright means you’re working with experts who understand the highs and lows of the metal roofing industry. Don’t settle for low-quality machinery and poor communication. They understand that you want your business to leave a legacy and can help you every step of the way. From general questions to maintenance, Formwright offers follow-up service as long as you’re a customer. 

Start the Conversation with Formwright

Still questioning if Formwright is the best option for you? Instead of guessing which step to take next, give them a call at (260) 463-4010 to talk to one of their metal roofing experts—and take the stress out of finding industry-leading options. MOH

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