In general it looks like a good year with many businesses planning on expanding in 2023 or in the near future. Only one in three businesses did not have some plans to expand.

One item that stands out is that more diversified businesses appear more adaptable and able to expand. Comparing percentages for “primary” business and “participate in,” the “participate in” group has a higher percentage planning on some expansion. 

Primary Roofing 60%, Participate in Roofing 71% with some plan to expand. Primary Metal Roofing has 80% planning to expand. A reasonable assumption is the difference between Primary Roofing and Participate in Roofing is the inclusion of metal and accessories (gutters). This is also supported by the data point that Participate in Metal Roofing is lower (75%) than Primary Metal Roofing.

This indicates that metal roofing is growing and driving the expansion of businesses in the roofing sector. MR