Elevate Your Roof with Award-Winning ProfileVent – The Durable, Easy-Install Choice for Metal Roofs.

Ventco by Lakeside ProfileVent, a leading ridge vent for metal roofs, has had a successful 2023, winning its fourth consecutive Metal of Honor award from Metal Roofing Magazine readers. Available in 10’, 20’, 25’, 50’, 100’ rolls and 3’ sticks,

ProfileVent is a durable, non-wicking, modified polyester matting designed for over 50 metal roofing profiles. Ventco relaunched its website to improve user experience and regularly updates content. The company has invested millions in its facilities and holds multiple patents. ProfileVent is praised for its ease of installation, compatibility with various pitches, and durability. Ventco, established in 1986, specializes in ventilation solutions for both commercial and residential metal roofs, offering products that are easy to install without compromising the roof’s appearance.

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