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Triangle Fastener Granted Patent Protection for BURR BUSTER

by Karen Knapstein

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Triangle Fastener Corporation [www.trianglefastener.com] patent protection on screws that utilize its BURR BUSTER® thread and point design like the PANEL-TITE® metal-to-wood self-piercing screws.

The company reports its patented design produces exceptional performance and value.

The point greatly reduces the amount of burrs/chips (swarfs) that are cause when the screw penetrates the steel. These chips can damage the sealing washer, and rust on the panel.

Also, the low-angle thread helps eliminate over-driving and improves the resistance to back-out.

Triangle Fastener Corporation, a member of SFS, has 24 locations servicing the commercial construction markets since 1977. The company provides a full line of high-performance fasteners, sealants, flashings, and tools used to construct the building envelope, along with interior applications like steel framing and sheet metal.

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Karen Knapstein
Author: Karen Knapstein

Karen Knapstein has been in publishing since 1997. She is the executive editor at Shield Wall Media and acts as the managing editor of Frame Building News and Garage, Shed and Carport Builder magazines. Karen is a contributing editor to the other Shield Wall Media titles: Rural Builder, Metal Roofing Magazine, Roofing Elements, and Rollforming Magazine. Karen lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Joseph, and has a grown daughter, Faye. She can be reached via email at [email protected]

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