S-5! [s-5.com], in collaboration with software developer PVComplete, launched its new web-based solar calculator. The system is designed to create sophisticated solar project layouts for standing seam and exposed fastened metal roofs. 

The S-5! Solar Calculator (patent pending) is an intuitive web app that makes it easy for sales professionals and project developers to create advanced solar project layouts with little or no training. Users can create a solar project design packed with valuable information, including 8760-production data in as few as five clicks. The design tool is also the first to integrate ASCE-16 structural requirements. 

Users enter project data into S-5!’s Solar Calculator, including metal roof type and manufacturer, roof measurements, module size, module manufacturer and seam spacing. Based on the selected job location, the fully engineered calculator computes the forces in the upward (uplift), downward, lateral (seismic), and downslope/parallel force according to ASCE 7. It also uses Google maps to assist with rooftop placement of modules.

The calculator provides module spacing recommendations to align standing seams with the module manufacturers’ mounting zones. It also provides an energy output summary detailing how much energy the array will produce, the timeframe to achieve a return on investment (ROI), a bill of materials and a full report available for an authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).